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Seastan 27837

My very first Dale deck that I constructed right out of the Rhovanion box. I still think there's room for improvement, but so far the deck has been pretty effective.

Use Galdor to trash everything in your opening hand except Protector of Lórien or Elven Spear, unless you already found King of Dale in which case, keep everything. If you still don't find King of Dale, play down what you can and use Protector/Spear to trash the rest of your hand, then trigger Galdor to draw 6 cards. By turn 2 you've drawn so much that you have to be really unlucky to have not found it.

The rest of the gameplay is straightforward. Use King of Dale to play an ally for free, play an attachment on it, then draw from Brand son of Bain. The only other interaction worth talking about is regarding Traffic from Dale. Later in the game this can net you 8+ resources easily. In a standard Dale deck there's not much you can do with this huge influx of cash. But here, you can put it all on Bard, and use Protector/Spear and Elven-light to practically draw a whole new hand and still have resources left to play down some allies and attachments. It's great.

As I mentioned, this was a first pass at the Dale mechanic for me. It's lacking obvious power cards like Steward of Gondor or Sneak Attack+Gandalf, mainly just to see how well Dale could stand on its own. The main reason I chose Galdor as hero #3 is because I haven't played with him in a while and he seemed like a good fit. But Arwen, Beravor, Galadriel, or someone else might be a better option. Time will tell!


Jul 11, 2018 slothgodfather 24

Granted, I'm not playing this in solo which you likely are, but I found I enjoyed having Galadrial and her ring a lot more than Galdor of the Havens. It gives you the minimal Lore resource you need but lets you afford the Spirit stuff more easily. The teammate I play with has healing covered, so I was able to drop the Herbs for her ring.