The Hand of Mithrandir

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Agents of the White Council - The Hunt for Gollum
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Onidsen 695

This is a thematic deck for my blog series, Agents of the White Council, designed to go up against the Hunt for Gollum.

The deck provides a fair amount of willpower, some dedicated defenders, and enough attack power to take on the few enemies that quest has to offer. In addition, Feint and Hasty Stroke provide some combat control, and we run several copies of Silver Harp and Ring of Barahir along with a Rivendell Bow to play on the companion deck's heroes.

Unexpected Courage and the Daggers of Westernesse go on Lanwyn, giving her self-readying ability both more consistency and more flexibility - if you already have the readying due to the Unexpected Courage, you can choose to boost her willpower instead, or to ready anyways and be able to attack two targets.

Magic Ring and Gondorian Shield go on Eleanor, letting her be a decent defender (with self-healing if necessary!) if you don't need her to cancel a treachery, and allows you to ready her to defend even if you do.