Aggro in Umbar: Team Beorn

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The BGamerJoe 1399

Tactics is a versatile sphere now but this deck goes beast mode in a slightly "questionable" and retro manner. I built this deck to use with Mr Underhill's aggro Quickbeam deck to go up against Escape from Umbar. The strategy is simple: throw caution to the wind and stomp through the streets of Umbar smashing and crushing everything in your path.


Beorn provides early game security by defending any enemies necessary in the first 1-2 turns of the game. He can easily knock out the Umbar sentries by himself, help crush the larger enemies with the help of an ally, or Battle quest for 5! Theoden boosts Gimli and Quickbeam's questing numbers to ensure we get some progress on the quest right away. Gimli can quest well with Theoden's help, his hitpoints are valuable for soaking archery and in the late game he can either use Grappling Hook, Trained for War or Delay the Enemy to quest for larger numbers (6-13 depending on several factors). He should get a Raiment of War and the Grappling Hook.


The allies here can help Beorn handle the combat phase. Once you get several strong attackers into play you can play Trained for War for quest for up to 25 or so and get all 15 progress down fairly easily. The 1-cost allies like Knights of the Swan and Vassal of the Windlord are there to discard to the Injured Companion treachery. Honour Guard helps keep Beorn going and the White Tower Watchman can help in a pinch. Legolas should be in the deck to help draw cards but I subbed him out for the video since someone else was relying on him in their deck.


Trained for War is the event in the spotlight here. In the game we recorded this deck was able to quest for 28 attack near the end of the game. It's kind of a bad card, but so fun to play in this deck.

Escape from Umbar isn't a great quest for sidequests but I thought Delay the Enemy could be a good closer for the game. You'll have to watch the video on Mr Underhill's channel to see if it worked!

I've beat Escape from Umbar as a solo game several times with this deck but it does better when paired Aggro in Umbar: Team Quickbeam. I've had success with it in solo, 2-player and 3-player games.

This deck is way out of my normal comfort zone for deck building to it speaks to the flexibility of the game. You can create so many different styles of player decks at this point! It's really remarkable!