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Seastan 17478

This was built with the goal of making both The Eagles Are Coming! and Entmoot playable in the same deck. Inspired by an deck by Bullroarer Took.

Early questing is decent (6).

Early engagement is handled by Denethor + Éowyn.

Ents are easy to get out turn 1: Bifur, Steward of Gondor (for Eowyn), and Legacy of Númenor all allow enough resources on one hero to play an Ent. Treebeard is also playable on turn 1 without any help. This allows Entmoot to be played right away.

With a low starting threat and Legacy/Steward, you can pump out a bunch of allies before your threat gets into dangerous territory.

Entmoot and The Eagles are Coming provide plenty of draw, with Heed the Dream to dig them out if you get stuck topdecking. This makes the deck very consistent.


Jul 26, 2018 Bullroarer Took 58

My list is published:


I will immediately concede your deck is better, but when I built Birds and the Trees I was thinking of 3/4 player play and I wanted it to have a small footprint. (And we’ve had the theme discussion before.)

Jul 26, 2018 pirinisz 28

Goodmorning, this is a very interesting deck and I was thinking that maybe adding Radagast in there, would help with the eagle allies, like Treebeard can help with ents. Also, instead of Gondorian Shield, maybe you could use Support of the Eagles (as long as you do have this card), so that it could work with the Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

Jul 26, 2018 Thanee 93

"(as long as you do have this card)"

Pretty sure he has every card! :D

Jul 26, 2018 Some Sort 1645


Jul 26, 2018 Goggen 80

@pirinisz Radagast is to expensive (some would say in general, but certainly without a much stronger eagle-focus).

Support of the Eagles is a nice card, but in this particular deck it has several problems compared to the Gondorian Shield.

1 It's more expensive.

2 It's more dependant on other cards (the eagles). That's a minor point which I'm not sure would be a real problem very often, but there can be times.

3 The really big issue tough is that it can only be played on a tactics-hero. Éowyn is supposed to quest, and the shield is there to help Denethor

Jul 26, 2018 Goggen 80

auch. Something messed up in the formating there.

Jul 26, 2018 Seastan 17478

@Bullroarer TookThanks, you're deck is now credited properly. I agree with you on the the front. I had no intention of picking thematic heroes here. The only goal was to make as good of a deck as I could with Eagles/Ents.

@piriniszThanks your the suggestions. I think Radagast and Support of the Eagles are both too expensive for what the bring to the table here. Besides, Support of the Eagles could only be attached to Eowyn, who is normally questing.

@Some SortDoh. That's what I get for building off a Quickbeam hero deck instead of from scratch. Swap in Quickbeam for an Ent Draught I suppose.

Jul 26, 2018 pirinisz 28

Thank God man, I thought you were yelling at me! :-)