The Noblest of Elves... and Lorefindel

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SamthemanGamgee 354


after opening the wizards quest on the first day of gencon and discovering the alt art hero was glorfindel, i was determined to use him before gencon ended. i automatically knew he was going to be paired with elrond to maximize his ability. the problem i encountered was what hero and sphere should be used for the third option. i was stuck between sam gamgee, bard son of brand, tactics eowyn, spirit merry, and galadrial. i cut sam because that left little available threat reduction. i cut eowyn because i wanted spirit for elronds counsal and light of valinor. now i could use bard and put rivendell blade on glorfindel, but decided when you get set up it becomes win more. merry was cut becsuse his ability isnt predictable in this deck and galadrial is more reliable. so i settled on galadrial because she provides card draw and maintains your threat, in addition to access to all the spirit cards.

but whats the point?

this is a vilya deck, plain and simple. get vilya, get stargazer and go wild. now most of the allies are in sphere to help if you dont get vilya, but vilya is the idea of the deck. nenya is here for early questing and resource fixing to help save a resource on glorindel if needed. glorfindel is here for his amazing stats, and healing.

is glorfindel good?

yes, he is. he provides access to healing on turn one without having to rely on drawing a warden of healing. in this deck he allows you to take undefended attacks safely knowing he can heal that hero fairly quickly. with light of valinor he does all the things and asfaloth is still an amazing card. his ability can be super useful if something unexpected happens. in my games of the wizards quest he was healing somone every turn and it sealed a victory. now ive found i almost always have a resource on him due to the power of vilya, so his cost has never really hurt me.

card choices and opening hand

Eagles of the Misty Mountains: an amzing ally with an amzing statline, and is always a great pull of the top of the deck. if elrond has steward you can play them easily.

Elfhelm: Helps you keep your threat steady from doomed or other encounter effects

Master of the Forge: allows a cut back on attachments essentially is a free card every turn. it thins your deck so vilya has more targets

Steward of Gondor: for elrond to play out allies that you draw before you get vilya

the harad allies Firyal and Jubayr: so powerful with abilities and stats. glorfindel can heal jubayr too

Opening Hand:

look for vilya or master of the forge or gather information. nenya is nice and so is light of valinor. stargazer helps but blind vilya is still good. elronds counsel is great and so is unexpected courage.

That's the Deck: Enjoy


Aug 06, 2018 Some Sort 1654

Very nice! I agree that Lorefindel gets a bad rap because he's not as good as his Spirit version (who is one of the best heroes in the pool). But that doesn't make Lorefindel a bad card, especially against quests that aren't specifically punishing you for crossing that magical 30-threat threshold early. Those huge stats certainly help with any extra heat you might draw because of the high starting threat, and the full suite of Glorfindel toys work as well on the one as the other.

Aug 07, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 973

Hey, samtheman! I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees use in old Lorefindel. This may have been the reason he was chosen as the hero; to revitalise his use. I should probably build a new deck with him soon, as well.

Aug 08, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 973

Here you go!