DWARVES!! (That are fun)


Hardly anyone plays dwarves any more after they were so heavily developed early in the game's life, but I still enjoy them! The possibilities for interesting and "fun decks with actual decisions and character are much greater now than they were after the Hobbit boxes blew the trait wide open.

Here I tried to create 3 complimentary decks that would each feel entirely different.

Thorin's deck is the "leader deck" and most closely resembles the classic overpowered dwarf swarm. it's job is to pump out the questing allies, and keep everyone alive through extra hitpoints, shadow mitigation, and healing. I've found the Doomed Waters of Nimrodel is excellent in dwarf a context where hitpoints abound! The Legacy of Durin is the best card draw option for this deck which frees up King Under the Mountain for the Mining deck where it is amazing. Lure of Moria should be saved to use in a coordinated way with the Direct Damage deck that also includes We Are Not Idle.

The direct damage deck is weakest thematically but is so much fun. Thalin is clearly the foundation of he strategy with Azain Silverbeard, Spearmen, spears, and plenty of events to make sure enemies stay dead. Legolas gets Mighty Prowess and can help plenty with questing between his natural ability and cleaning up the occasional enemy during the quest phase with Hands Upon the Bow. The Gondorian Spearman/Spear of the Citadel is an obvious combo that will kill a 3 hp (Thalin prepped) enemy before his attack. Legolas and Yazan help immensely by bringing Ranged to self-centered dwarf world. Sneak Attack can be paired with Gandalf's Search or the even more flexible Descendant of Thorondor to knock out enemies in the staging area during the quest phase as well.

The Mining Deck is my favorite to play. while not overpowered, this deck type is always interesting and fun to play. The Imladris Stargazer is clearly essential to make the deck really work well, but you can always blindly mine and hope you don't awaken a Balrog! I've put out 15 resources worth of cards on turn 1 with this deck. The larger enemies should come to this deck so angry Gimli can crush them. The Erebor Guardand Longbeard Sentry with Raiment of War can help out with defending across the table and take some of the larger attacks and live to tell the tale. Its not easy, but lining up Vigilant Guard, Self Preservation and one or two Citadel Plates on Gimli makes him super awesome. Self Preservation has to be carefully lined up to attach with Well-Equipped. Vigilant Guard can be invaluable to saving key allies like Zigil and Stargazer. I've included Song of EƤrendil in the sideboard to help out any deck with threat issues. It's an very powerful card that can evenly regulate the threat level around the table.

Dwarves aren't boring! Have some fun with them! If you're winning "too much," hit the nightmare and that will keep you happily brutalized!


Mar 29, 2017 WingfootRanger 1139

This looks really interesting! I can build many kinds of decks, but dwarves have tended to be in my blindspot somehow. Part of that may be my reluctance to copy the overpowered deck lists online. I'll have to try these when I tire of the fellowships I currently have built.