EfDG Power Couple


This is the pair of decks you want to have when facing the Escape from Dol Guldur scenario. I beat it on Easy mode the first time playing it and have yet to try Standard mode. I have full confidence that it can also conquer this exceptionally difficult scenario on Standard mode as well. Here are some tips:

Use Denethor as the prisoner. Don't even bother randomly choosing the prisoner like the game tells you to. If you don't get the prisoner you want, you end up just doing the draw over anyway, so just choose Denathor and be done with it.

The first Unexpected Courage should go on Beravor always. The second should be put on Legolas.

Attachments on Glorfindel should be Asfaloth for excellent location control and Self Preservation for healing. This card is fantastic because it allows Glorfindel to take undefended attacks and then heal up.

For additional location control, there's Snowbourn Scout and Northern Tracker. Have at least 2 Trackers out and you'll blow away the locations, on top of using Glorfindel's Asfaloth. As if that's not enough, you also have The Evening Star, so great for knocking out those locations, too.

Legolas should obviously have Blade of Gondolin and Dwarven Axe. Having weapons on him is crucial because you can then play Goblin-cleaver and Sterner than Steel. Those event cards cost absolutely nothing, and who doesn't like free?!

Steward of Gondor should be placed on Éowyn.

The Galadhrim's Greeting is essential for threat control. Use the Dwarven Tomb to bring those back or if your threat is doing well, use it for Stand and Fight.

Beorn is used for Eowyn's special ability to boost her willpower, but if you have enough resources on Legolas to pay for it, then go right ahead.

Galadhon Archer is a great ally to include here, since it's Ranged and it can deal damage to an enemy engaged with Player 2 OR in the staging area. This is important to note because "dealing damage to an enemy not engaged with you" means either the staging area or the other player. It's easy for new players to trip up and think that it just means engaged with the other player.

Sneak Attack is classically used to bring Gandalf in, but it's also good for Beorn.

And that's pretty much it. The beauty of this pair is that the Place Your BETs deck is great for using as a solo deck. But if you want a great two-player build, this is the pair of decks to use. It's great for EfDG, but it's obviously versatile for almost all other scenarios.


Mar 14, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1385

So technically, you could say your win ratios was 1:6, considering you chose Denethor as the prisoner. Nice decks! Imagine trying this in standard mode progression style (only core set cards). :0

Mar 14, 2018 pd187540 10

Not sure what the win ratio really would be. I'd have to play it again and again with Denethor to see how it holds up.

Mar 14, 2018 inzKulozik 3

Steward of Gondor it's unique, you can't place second on Legolas

Mar 14, 2018 pd187540 10

@inzKulozikyou're right. Fixed it. So this begs the question: why do people include 2 or more Stewards of Gondor in their decks? You see this all over the place. Only 1 can be attached per hero. Maybe they are in the decks in case the first SoG gets discarded by an encounter card?

Mar 15, 2018 inzKulozik 3

With more copies there is a greater chance to draw desired card. Reduntant cards you can use to discard in actions