Wandering Spirit

Ally. Cost: 0. 0   0   0   0  

Noldor. Spirit.

Cannot enter play.

Action: If Wandering Spirit is in your discard pile, move it up or down by 1 or 2 cards. Then, if it is next to a Noldor ally with a printed cost of 2 or less, you may spend 1 resource and remove Wandering Spirit from the game to put that ally into play. (Limit once per round.)

Julian Bauer

ALeP - The Glittering Caves #107. Spirit.

Wandering Spirit

No reviews yet? I may do one then! I really like this card in decks which uses cheaper Noldor allies, especially if I play heroes like Erestor or even Arwen Undómiel since it can be discarded for other effects like To the Sea, to the Sea! or Imladris Caregiver or Lindon Navigator and then used to bring back an ally from your discard pile! I recently published a deck and as mentioned, it can be used to bring back the ally version of Arwen, Arwen Undómiel, since it costs two. Obviously, it does not have use outside of deck which is meant to discard cards and have Noldor allies, but in Noldor decks, I really like this card!

Why not simply use standard and fight? Doesn't waste time and useable — ks5bns 51
This can save on a resource and better yet, you play it from your hand. All it needs to be is in your discard pile, meaning you can discard it first for value. It also works well with top of the discard pile synergies. — NERD 826
AND you can get allies of all spheres with spirit. — doomguard 2053
Stand and fight can get out of sphere allies too — NERD 826
but no neutral, and costs more. — doomguard 2053
That is true, but there are no valid neutral targets. — NERD 826
if you play with last alliance: the envoy of pelargir and it results in no cost (get res back with his ability) but i admit its very cornercasy — doomguard 2053
perhaps a really good option is to play last alliance with haradrim, then you can bounce back the southron reugee after used them with khaliels ability — doomguard 2053
I thought last alliance didn't work with cards in your discard pile. Recently I made a deck with this card because I use hero erestor — ks5bns 51