Relic of Nargothrond

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Item. Armor.

Attach to a Noldor or Dwarf character. Restricted. Limit 1 per character. Relic of Nargothrond can be played from your discard pile.

Attached character gets +1 .

Action: Discard Relic of Nargothrond to give attached character +2 until the end of the phase.

In that labour Finrod was aided by the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains. —The Silmarillion
Katerina Poliakova

ALeP - The Glittering Caves #108. Tactics.

Relic of Nargothrond

If you like to play Noldor, where discarding cards for effects is common, this card is great! If you play hero Erestor, it does not matter that you lose this card at the end of the round or for any other discard effec like To the Sea, to the Sea! or Imladris Caregiver or Protector of Lórien, you can easily play it from the discard pile as long as you have access to tactics, which is not easy, since Noldor only have two Tactics hero if we include Glorfindel. The other is Elladan. But then you do not have to play it in purely Noldor deck as long as you have Noldor defender to attach it to. Coming to mind are Elrohir, Gildor Inglorion who is in sphere for A Burning Brand or Elrond. This card is rather versatile and another hero who can discard it and get some benefits is Éowyn.

I rarely play Dwarves, but I can imagine this may still work in a mining deck with Zigil Miner where you discard the cards for resources. And then you can play it from your discard.

The card is limiting, but it is thematic and it can be really useful one in certain decks.

This card is great with Watcher of the Bruinen. — McFly 1