Hero. Threat: 10. 2   1   3   3  

Woodman. Warrior.


Response: After you play an attachment on a location, add 1 resource to the pool of a hero you control. (Limit once per round.)

Quest Action: Choose a player to take control of the first player token. Each player can only be chosen once per game.


ALeP - Mustering of the Rohirrim #144. Leadership.


This is the card that catapulted the Woodmen trait from "Oh yeah, they're pretty good" to "Wow I want to play that!" for me. She doesn't seem too flashy. But just the fact that there is another Woodman hero (and that she's !) is really nice. Finally, I don't have to include the horribly off-theme Bard son of Brand for the off-sphere attachments!

Similar to Damrod with traps, Rowan works in the background. One resource every round might not seem like much, but she's the lynchpin of my current Woodman build. Her stats are a great complement to Haldan, and though her second action might seem a bit lackluster, it's actually enormously effective. Say you already have a lineup of attachments on the active location, and suddenly you realize that someone's about to threat out. Well, just use her action to make that person first, and you can lower their threat by three. Or if the first player's playing an Erestor deck and it would be the end of the world for them to draw nine useless cards, give the first player token to the next player and they get the benefit. And this isn't even going into the versatility she brings to a "first player quest" like The Black Riders.

In all, I think Rowan is an extremely fun card. She's interesting enough to provide some heft for a small trait, and she's well-balanced to not be OP. Wonderful job yet again, ALeP!

Turgon 555