Without My Hat

Event. Cost: 2. Victory 1.

Limit 1 copy of Without My Hat in the victory display.

Action: Add Without My Hat to the victory display to search your collection for an attachment. If no copy of that attachment was in your deck during setup, add it to your hand.

Vincent Van Gogh

ALeP - Mustering of the Rohirrim #154. Neutral.

Without My Hat

Rules question: Could you use Without My Hat to search for The One Ring (i.e., is "Immune to non-Master card effects" active even outside play)?

Other than that, there are some broken combos I can foresee with this; Three Golden Hairs, Phial of Galadriel, and several of the other boons are attachments, as is Banner of Elendil (you can play it with A Good Harvest).

In terms of non-broken uses, the main one I can think of is waiting to play this until you see what you need most. Need readying? Fetch Unexpected Courage. Need ? Fetch a Weapon. Need to brag that you bought the Revised Core Set? Fetch Valor. To me, though, 2 resources, even neutral ones, seems like a lot, leaving me thinking that, unless I plan to target something broken, I'll mostly go without Without My Hat.

I'm not sure if "attachments" include boons. However, in my understanding, yes, you can fetch the One Ring. However, you have no possibly way to play it, because it's immune to non-Master card effects (so no Vilya shenanigans), and it has no cost so it cannot be bought. — Turgon 284
If you want the One Ring, probably should just include it in your deck ;-) — Turgon 284
if it work with the one ring , you avoid the setup-flaw of the reduced threadelemination, no small feat. — doomguard 1229
You're right about the One Ring, Turgon; thanks for the advice. Regarding the boons, technically speaking their card type is "attachment," so they should be valid targets for Without My Hat. — AlasForCeleborn 464
While you're on the topic of cheating in the One Ring, would Burglars Turn be able to do it? I'm working on a prototype now but don't want to be wasting me time lol — Uruk-guy 448
Remember that "your collection" by ALeP definition includes boons only when you are playing in quests where you have earned them. — Alonewolf87 1514
I actually didn't know that, Alonewolf. Thanks for the correction, and thank you, ALeP, for thinking ahead! — AlasForCeleborn 464