Redit Weekly Quest Week 3 Healing Gloin

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Uncertain _Sage 6

This deck was built for the Reddit Weekly Challenge week 3 Escape From Dol Guldur.

the cards to use this week where Glóin and Horseback Archer.

the centerpiece of the deck is Glóin gets Song of Wisdom so that he can read the Warden of Healing and thanks to Elrond's ability effectively heal 2 for 2 resources.

Hirgon, The Red Arrow and A Very Good Tale are there to "cheat some allies in and get around the one ally per round limitation on the first 2 phases. Miner of the Iron Hills is there to deal with Condition attachments. Vilya and Light of Valinor are there because Elrond. I added Galadriel is included because I ended up with a lot of attachments.

after playing the deck I think adding Vilya was a mistake need to put some thought into the ally selection it is kind of a mess and needs to be more tactic heavy to get the most out of Higon, also horseback archer is mediocre at best and kind of a dead card in this deck