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Loss - The Mûmakil - 1 Player - 2020-09-27
Loss - The Mûmakil - 1 Player - 2020-10-11
Win - Beneath the Sands - 1 Player - 2020-10-31
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Seastan 41410

Of all my borderline broken decks out there, this is probably one of the most entertaining to play.

To get the combo up and running, all you really need is Warden of Healing and Song of Wisdom. You can even play them both turn 1 if they're in your opening hand. If not, there are lots of draw effects, and Master of the Forge to help you get these cards quickly. Narvi's Belt is a backup for the Song of Wisdom.

Once those 2 cards are in play, you are invincible to any number of undefended attacks of strength 3 or less (and 1 attack of 4 if you exhaust to defend with Glóin). Why? Well, every time Glóin takes two damage, he gains two resources and uses them to exhaust and ready Warden of Healing to fully heal himself, thanks to Elrond. So with just these two cards, you can already take 100 strength two attacks. For the last two damage you take each round, exhaust Warden of Healing a final time and do not spend Glóin's resources to ready him. You will end with a net gain of 2 resources on Glóin. Note that each time you are exhausting the Warden you can also be healing other characters on the table too. Thanks to PocketWraith for opening my eyes to this endless Glóin-Warden-Elrond loop.

Many enemies hit for 5+, so we need Citadel Plates. They can be played early as turn two thanks to Mablung, as long as you engaged an enemy in turn 1 and have played a Dúnedain Hunter. Otherwise, A Good Harvest can also help you play it. To help consistency, Galadhrim Minstrel can help you find A Good Harvest while Master of the Forge looks for your Citadel Plate.

So hopefully by turn 2 or 3 you now have a Citadel Plate on Glóin. He can now defend an unlimited number of attacks of strength 7 or less, which is basically everything. You should now be trying to engage as many enemies as possible.

Once you get out Self Preservation or a second Warden of Healing you will make solid net gains with Glóin each round. Just ready Warden as often as necessary, then heal off the rest. Glóin can then play Narvi's Belt and help pay for Warden of Annúminas and Fornost Bowman. At this point I'll usually have 6-10 enemies engaged with me so those Dúnedain can handle questing and attack all by themselves.

Song of Mocking makes this a multiplayer deck. You can let all the other players take undefended attacks and soak up all the damage for them with Glóin/Warden.

For solo play, swap out the 3 Song of Mocking for Boots from Erebor or We Are Not Idle.

This deck is very vulnerable to shadow effects because you are taking all the attacks undefended, so the Dúnedain Watchers are there for the cancel-or die shadows. You don't really care about shadows that give boosted strength or additional attacks. You mainly care about the game-ending shadow effects like the ones on Sleeping Sentry or Driven by Shadow. If the quest you're playing doesn't have shadow effects like that (reference guide here), then swap out the Watchers for the other Dúnedain in the sideboard. It also helps if you are playing with a Spirit player who is running Hasty Stroke.

The deck is really strong, solo or multiplayer, and pretty fun too. Glóin can show up for battle exhausted and still take a beating from 10 enemies, only to walk away without a scratch and with more money in his pockets.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. It's pretty straightforward I think, but let me know if I should make a video of this one too.


May 01, 2016 Ifingolis 3

How do you ready the warden? I dont get it how you do it sorry.

May 01, 2016 Ifingolis 3

Got it me stupid....

May 01, 2016 mndela 393

Interesting deck. Infinite undef looping, good. And very well boosted Annuminas. The point most lacking is the bad treacheries concerning undefended attacks. I like it however, +10

May 01, 2016 DnT 108

That is fantastic. I love how easy it is to get set up.

May 01, 2016 Seastan 41410


May 02, 2016 Aorakis 582

Hehe looks like Gloin ask you a favor "please make me famous again !"

Really nice combo there. Infinite healing is crazy. Making frodon looking as an amator...

Only defaults icould see are :

high threat and not that much threat managing (but with all that money and draw,i guess its not problem to have some sneak and or full paid gandalf)

Probably slow on quest at first ? And quest dependant on "enemies engaged"

But all in all, i saw it played by you and mndela, and it looks like working very well.

Good job again !

May 02, 2016 Aorakis 582

Ps : i also like how this combo allows to bypass "untaps attachements" as you take most of the attacks undefended.

Last default i forgot, no treachery cancel !

Cheers again !

May 02, 2016 ff0x 520

@Seastan Good stuff, so what's your game plan? Not the decks, yours. Break a card, wait for an errata and break the next one? :-D I am quite impressed with all the recent decks you published, some of the idea never even crossed my mind.

May 02, 2016 Seastan 41410

@Aorakis Thanks! Yes, the deck has weaknesses for sure. Shadows are a big one. Questing can be fine though, because you engage every enemy so the only threat in the staging area is locations. And you can quest all your heroes each turn because you don't need defenders.

@ff0x Haha well I do like finding infinite loops, although I don't do it with the intention of causing errata. I have lots of regular decks too :)

May 06, 2016 Darealhobo 15

For solo play would it be possible to swap malbung for Erkenbrand? Whilst changing only a few cards? I would feel so solid having i finite shadow cancellation using a warden to heal both gloin and erken at the same time :s

May 06, 2016 Seastan 41410

@DarealhoboUnfortunately Erkenbrand's ability is only active while he's defending, so you wouldn't be able to cancel the shadows from the undefended attacks against Gloin.

A better idea would be to include Balin and Parting Gifts.

May 06, 2016 Darealhobo 15

@Seastanoh i dont know how i missed that. Guess i just love erkens art so much didn't pay attention his effect. I will fiddle around with it thanks!

May 08, 2016 rico47 1

I'm a "rookie" to LOTR, so I would like your thoughts on swapping Song Of Mocking for Steward Of Gondor to gain more resources for solo play since there are some pretty costly allies.

Mar 10, 2019 Emilius 24

Great Deck! As usual for Seastan’s Decks :-)
But this deck is the proof that Warden of Healing should read has ability “only one for round” !

Aug 04, 2022 Turgon 555

@SeastanI've been enjoying this deck, it's a pretty fun combo! I have a question about action windows though...Is there an action window to heal Glóin after receiving damage but before determining whether or not the character has been destroyed? Thanks!

Aug 04, 2022 Seastan 41410

@Turgon No window there, unfortunately!