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Alibi 184

This deck contain almost at least one copy of each card you can put in a mono-lore deck. You'll think i smoked Old Toby but check this out. Every round you can draw three extra card thank to your heroes. Good. You have also Erebor Hammersmith and Master of the Forge that help you with trap and location's attachment. Good. You have also some event that allow you to draw (Mithrandir's Advice, OP). Good, but what about draw so many cards? well, you can do a lot of things with a pletora af cards in your hand. Obviously you can use Protector of Lórien and Imladris Caregiver, but the key-concept here is adaptability. With so many different cards you have a lot of options to face the encounter deck. Attach, draw, defeat, explore, heal and choose your way to win.


Dec 01, 2018 Purple Dain 8

Very interesting idea! There's certainly no shortage of card draw options, but my concern with this deck would be resource generation. Having 50+ cards in your hand won't do much good when you can only pay for 2 or 3 each round. Most of the cards here are pretty cheap, but even so, with only generating 3 resources per turn, the amount of cards you can play each round is going to be limited.Magic Ring and Necklace of Girion will certainly help, but with so many cards, you might not see them until it's too late.

Dec 02, 2018 死锁 270

Interesting idea! Why not add a Heed the Dream?

Dec 04, 2018 The BGamerJoe 4305

I got to play a few games with this deck and I featured it on my blog. You can read about my experiences and thoughts here: This is a crazy deck! Thanks for sharing it.