Throw in a Love Triangle!

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KaiserWilly 78

Caleb has stated there just isn't enough drama the game's story, so he's reached out the community to build more decks around relationship drama. This will hopefully keep the LCG more in line with the novels, i.e. his fan-written film-to-manga adaptations.

In this steamy chapter, a shirtless brawler and his boys go suns-out guns-out for some visiting rich girls. Though the fine pair try to quest themselves away as fast as possible, they find themselves getting more attached and and constantly have to discard the hirsute men from their thoughts.

Piloting Instructions: Raiment of War, card drawn or a first turn Beorn are what your looking for. Fuel Arwen with Elven-light and the big Beornnigns (such Dichotomy!). With Stand and Fight you can get multiple uses out Beorning Skin-changer.

The new Bears in the coming expac will make great additions. Ancient Mathoms are partially useful when trading off with a Haldan deck.

So far this deck has cleared NM Passage through Mirkwood (3/3), Nm Journey Along the Anduin (1/3) and NM Celebrimbor's Secret (1/1)


Dec 03, 2018 tickler 109

Crazy. This morning I had the idea to create a deck with exactly this Hero combination.