Our Arrows will Blot Out the Sun

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hone 79

The idea behind this deck is to get in powerful ranged attackers with Celeborn's ability and Hirgon's ability combined. It's generally safe to trigger the threat raise since Merry can be used to mitigate the threat raise. This gives a +2 and +2 on any tactics ally coming into play.

For your opening hand you'll want to have O Lórien!, so you can play your tactics ally's for 1 - 2 resources. Gandalf and Legolas are the only forms of card draw.


Jan 11, 2019 Alonewolf87 109

Maybe you meant "for 1 or 2 resources"?since both Hirgon and O Lórien! have a minimum of 1 to their cost reduction (so no Galadhon Archer for free).

Jan 11, 2019 hone 79

Oops, good catch. Thanks!