Eagles and Bears

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Thorsen 28

Hi! I just wanted to build a deck with Grimbeorn because i love the character; and this is what came out of it.

I started with a Silvan deck but slowly a changed the Silvans in Eagles and i found the right chimestry. First of all in the last games I had some problems with locations so i want to use Beorning Guardian and Meneldor to solve the problem. Especially Meneldor in combination with Born Aloft Meneldor's Flight and Sneak Attack can distribute a lot of progress around; (You can have similar effects with Descendant of Thorondor if you need to fight or distribute damages instead of progress) . Grimbeorn just need Raiment of War to be a more than decent defender and attacker; But i add Captain of Gondor, Dunedain Remedy and Dunedin Warning to keep him alive. Beornings are really great! with the Beorning Skin-changer you can have Giant Bear or even Beorn in play and ready at the right moment. Gildor and Hirgon give you an initial questing value of 5 which is not bad; soon there will be many allies (opefully with a Very Good Tale). To draw cards you can use Gildor's ability and Legolas and Gandalf; to lower the threat only Gandalf but I inserted Favor of the Valar as the last line of salvation. Obviously alone, you are totally exposed to the treachery cards but I thought this deck for the multyplayer gamel. Anyway i beated alone many quests and recently the Siege of Annuminas.