A Stereotypical Three Rings Deck

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dalestephenson 488

This deck is not creative at all, it is a crowdsourced Three Rings deck.

My procedure was as follows -- I looked at decks using Narya, Nenya, and Vilya. This of course meant Elrond and Galadriel were two of the heroes, and Gandalf was of course far more popular than CĂ­rdan the Shipwright. Thirty different creators (including myself, for the Dori and the Rings fellowship) had made such a deck.

As usual, to turn my analysis into a deck, I used the median deck card count to apportion card slots to the most popular choices in each category, trying to use the most popular count for each individual card until I ran out of space. I also limited the cards to a single core set.

The end result should be a stereotypical Three Rings Deck -- one that only includes cards that others have used the most (by percentage, not raw count) in their own decks with this lineup. If you want the typical Three Rings experience, this may be a good fit -- and if it's not, don't blame me, blame the committee!

Aside from the toys for Gandalf and Galadriel, this is a typical Vilya deck -- stocked with powerful unique allies. Get Vilya, play free cards, and dominate; once you have Wizard Pipe you can choose more easily what to play. Light of Valinor goes on Elrond, which allows him to quest and then fight or Vilya -- and also routinely trigger Expert Treasure-hunter for extra draw. Mirror of Galadriel combined with Silver Harp can also give you risk-free cards out of your top ten.


Oct 09, 2019 Christian_Medic 320

Nice power deck showcasing the strength of the Elven rings of power!