A Stereotypical non-Gandalf Vilya Deck

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dalestephenson 354

This deck is not creative at all, it is a crowdsourced Vilya deck.

I've actually made three stereotypical decks with Vilya already, two with Gandalf and the Harad deck. However, I wanted to know which was the most popular non-Gandalf Vilya lineup, and this is it. Eighteen different creators have made such a deck, though I excluded one from analysis because it had less than 50 cards.

As usual, to turn my analysis into a deck, I used the median deck card count to apportion card slots to the most popular choices in each category, trying to use the most popular count for each individual card until I ran out of space. I also limited the cards to a single core set. In this particular case the median counts only totalled to a 48-card deck -- I usual pad with side-quests that have been used when that happens, but here none of the decks used side-quests at all. So I added one card to the ally and attachment categories.

The end result should be a stereotypical non-Gandalf Vilya deck -- one that only includes cards that others have used the most (by percentage, not raw count) in their own decks with this lineup. If you want the typical pre-Gandalf Vilya experience, this may be a good fit -- and if it's not, don't blame me, blame the committee!

While eleven of seventeen decks used cards later than OHUH, none of them picked later cards often enough to make the stereotypical list. So we have a lot of allies from the first two cycles for Vilya to spit out. In the absence of Gandalf, setting up Vilya is the job of Imladris Stargazer, and Master of the Forge has the job of fishing out Vilya and/or Light of Valinor for Glorfindel. Beravor provides more cards, and Gildor Inglorion can be used as an extra-powerful Wizard Pipe.


Apr 13, 2019 JoJoTheDogFacedBoy 1

As a progression player currently doing early Against the Shadows quests, this has been a really nice starting point for decks of my own design. Thanks for the great work generating these stereotypical decks!