Spirited Leaders

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Gawgi 8

I'm still playing the first cycle of adventures, as a solo player. This is my third attempt at a deck, which has been mostly successful.


Feb 07, 2019 TheChad 3914

This line-up is known as the TEA party. (Theodred-Eowyn-Aragorn). A lot of players agree this is one of the best Core set hero line-ups. The Heroes work well together and the and spheres have nice synergy as well. Nice job with the deck!

Feb 08, 2019 AltarofPan 11

this is great. yeah you could have some great adventures with this one. solid solo deck. ..do you have the escort from edoras ally in your collection? if have it, you could swap one out with wandering took. have fun!

Feb 08, 2019 Gawgi 8

Thanks! I don't have the Rhosgobel adventure yet. That's a very nice addition. I wasn't crazy about Wandering Took.

I'm still trying to get this deck to win Journey Along the Alduin. But I feel I need either lower threat heroes or some way to prevent the Hill Troll from attacking. I'm tempted to shift to a more Spirit-heavy version for that adventure, maybe replacing Theodred with Dunhere.

Feb 09, 2019 Goggen 81

You could add A Light in the Dark and bounce the troll a few rounds while you build up.

Also I would skip Campfire Tales in solo. That's more of a multiplayer-card.

Feb 09, 2019 Goggen 81

Another option is to add The Galadhrim's Greeting to avoid the troll longer.