A Stereotypical Twins Deck

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dalestephenson 463

This deck is not creative at all, it is a crowdsourced Twins (Elladan and Elrohir deck.

I looked at all the decks with both of the twin heroes in them (sometimes you'll find only one, when they are split between decks of a fellowship) to see what the most commonly used hero was. This turned out to be Arwen Undómiel, unsurprisingly -- besides being a fine quester, she can feed either the resources they need for their ability, and she has the all-important thematic connection of being their sister. 23 creators made such a deck.

As usual, to turn my analysis into a deck, I used the median deck card count to apportion card slots to the most popular choices in each category, trying to use the most popular count for each individual card until I ran out of space. I also limited the cards to a single core set.

The end result should be a stereotypical Twins deck -- one that only includes cards that others have used the most (by percentage, not raw count) in their own decks with this lineup. If you want the typical Twins experience, this may be a good fit -- and if it's not, don't blame me, blame the committee!

Elven-light is the card I most want to see in my opening hand in any Arwen deck, it gives her something to repeatedly discard and buffs Sailor of Lune. Rivendell Blade is the best card for Elladan, and Dúnedain Warning or Gondorian Shield on Elrohir.