Competing for Affections (Updated)

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Nhoj4 12

Updated to add in Legolas for card draw, and Support of the Eagles for a more ridiculous Grimbeorn

So what will you have, m'lady? I can rally allies to your side at a moments notice!

But I can single-handedly smash a troll down to the size of an orc!

Turns out when you put three of the best tactics heroes in a deck, it works pretty well. Surprise suprise, it works like your typical Hirgon/Eagles combo. Hirgron gets eagles (and the occasional Giant Bear!) down for a reduced cost, Eowyn brings impressive willpower with a punch when needed, and Grimbeorn handles most of the early game combat, and even some late game. I've mainly tested this solo, but it should work just fine in multiplayer, especially if another player has some healing/cancellation. This deck will handle ALL of the combat. Successive runs have been made so far against Passage Through Mirkwood, Into the Pit, Escape from Umbar, and The Battle of Fives Armies, all in solo play.

In the opening hand, you are looking for Foe-Hammer and a weapon, The Eagles Are Coming!, or all of the above. If you have none of that, mulligan. Early game Gimbeorn is your best defense and offense. He should be able to handle most, if not all of the combat, especially if you can get an early Rohan Warhorse on him. Power him up with a weapon as well, and you are set. Following that, just pump out some bargain eagles, and pound the encounter deck down to size! If you are in a quest with high archery, Honour Guard and a Raven-winged Helm are your top priority as there is no healing in this deck. Flight of the Eagles is there for a bouncy Meneldor to help with locations.

Some other cards I've considered are Beorn, Descendant of Thorondor, and the named eagles. Mainly, I wanted to get Beornings and Eagles together in a deck. You could swap out the Beorning allies to accomplish this if you want to be more eagle-centric. That is, if you're a sissy man who doesn't see the value of BEAR PEOPLE! ;) If you are going up against a side-quest friendly deck, you may consider running a few copies of Keep Watch as well. Threat hasn't been an issue so far because of the low starting threat. You may consider finding space for Secret Vigil if you know you are going against a quest that likes to push up your threat.

Hope you enjoy this deck! Thanks for reading!


Feb 09, 2019 Alonewolf87 193

Perhaps you could use Beorn or Beorning Guardian to better take advantage of the Beorning Skin-changer ?

Feb 09, 2019 caffeineaddict 1

Built this deck this evening and played it against fire in the night, which I've been struggling with. First two turns played Support of the eagles and winged guardian, so grimbeorn could soak the attacks. Worked very well. The game was slow, but victorious. A fun deck.

Feb 09, 2019 Nhoj4 12

@Alonewolf87: Beorn is definitely a worthy inclusion. I mentioned that in the write-up. You could probably put him in and take out one of the extra copies of an attachment.

Feb 09, 2019 Nhoj4 12

I just love the Giant Bears.