Ride for Ruin and the World's Ending

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Sicaire 59

Fun mono-tactic Riders of Rohan deck with a touch of Spirit!

The deck relies on Mounts for damage and action-advantage and weapons for more damage and for card draw using Foe-hammer.

Mulligan for Song of Travel and A Good Harvest to be able to play those Spirit cards.

Most cards are self-explanatory but one less obvious choice is Elven-light: it will be discarded using Háma ability to grant more card draw that was badly needed in this deck.


May 01, 2016 Relmbob 50

Wow, that's a perfect use for Elven-light. I like how you have Spirit Rohan cards without needing a Spirit hero.

Does Bofur work well with only 7 weapon cards?

May 02, 2016 Sicaire 59

@Relmbob the deck relies heavily on mounts and weapons and it ha

May 02, 2016 Sicaire 59

@Relmbob the deck relies heavily on mounts and weapons, and it only has 7 of those... It also badly needs either A Good Harvest or Song of Travel... I included Westfold Horse-breeder and Bofur to help get them as early as possible but the deck remains quite unreliable, its mostly a fun deck as I mentioned but with a good start, it can be really fun!