Valiant Daletermination

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The Wilds of Rhovanion & Ered Mithrin Cycle
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banania 808

This is my implementation of the Dale deck I've been using (quite successfully) to tackle the Rhovanion and Ered Mithrin Cycle.

Nothing too fancy, here, the deck pilots like a typical Dale deck: play King of Dale, play Allies, play Attachment on Allies to draw more Attachments and Allies.

A few choices I made though:

I like including Black Arrow and Warden of Arnor for Lanwyn, as she's usually the recipient for King of Dale, so I can benefits her built-in readying action (not the most consistent readying action, but always nice when it happens).

As a generic inclusion, Thror's Map is there to cope with Travel effects. Travel effects are much more common in the current encounter-meta, and ignoring most Travel effects is just too amazing, and well worth 1 resource.

Sideboard included some more location control, threat reduction, and side quests. Those are the only cards I swapped back and forth to beat the scenarios up to Ghost of Framsburg (I needed a bit of Silvan help during Fire in the Night which I played two-handed though).


Apr 10, 2019 Alonewolf87 600

Nice deck, quite similar to one I used at the Lure of Middle Earth, those Guardian of Esgaroth really are amazing when on line. I have not understood the part about how the cost reduction of the Descendant of Girion is more appealing, since it's still limited to Item attachments.

Apr 10, 2019 banania 808

I just like to pay an Item for free on them, then, transfer it to another Dale character. But overall, both those guys, Wiglaf and the Ravenhill scout are high up on the list of cards I would replace to make the deck more consistent. As it's already workable as it is, I decided to let them in there, it's fun to use less powerful cards.

Apr 10, 2019 banania 808

Also, I don't know why Distant Stars is there... ha ha

Apr 11, 2019 RascaL 1

Did you beat The King's Quest with this deck?

Apr 11, 2019 banania 808

I did, but honestly was very very lucky