Two Hunters and a Lady - Solo, Core box only

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Journey Along the Anduin - 1 Player - 2019-07-08
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afteryule 16

Yes, this is a 30-card deck, using only 1 core set.

Goal: to create a viable, tactics heavy solo deck with only the core set.

My favorite card to use in the deck for Stand and Fight is Gléowine to add some much needed card draw to tactics and spirit. Henamarth Riversong would be a more powerful option in solo (feel free to sub him in) but it takes a lot of the fun out of the game for me. Gleowine is much more fun. Snowbourn Scout is also a good target, for cheap chumping or for clutch location control.

Gimli gets Unexpected Courage so that he can quest with Eowyn. He also gets Citadel Plate, of course. Dwarven Axe can go on Gimli or Legolas, depending on who needs it most. I find that sometimes Legolas needs a little bit of the extra boost, especially if Gimli is defending that round.

If Gimli manages to get UC, than all characters are potentially contributing to the quest in a round.

P.S. I am currently playing progression style right now and I will revise this deck to a 50 card deck once I've made it through the Shadow of Mirkwood cycle.