The Quartermasters

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The Fate of Wilderland - Tactical Response
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Denison 476

This is the attachments deck for the fellowship, digging into the armory to equip the heroes with their gear.

The Red Arrow is in both decks to support the Boromir deck. He helps get into Valour so quickly that the Red Arrow can be triggered after just a few rounds. Fun fact: Both Red Arrows can make their way to the victory display. Not sure how that works thematically, but whatevs.

Lots of readying to support the heroes. Snowmane for Theoden, the rest go on Grimbeorn and Boromir. Eowyn might even get one if everyone else is loaded up to support her special action.

Grimbeorn is looking for one shield and one weapon. He can also use a Raven-winged Helm and Captain of Gondor. But he really wants a Support of the Eagles and for the other deck to get their eagles in play.

The weapons need to get to Boromir first which will help that deck activate its events.

The suite of Beorning allies are there for combat support and easily used with Arwen's draw and discard ability. Treebeard is there because I can't play Arwen without him. A first-turn Treebeard is too good to pass up, but he is certainly not critical to the deck.