The Bells Were Ringing in the Dale

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A Dale as Old as Time 53 41 10 1.0
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Saxtonine 16

This is very close to a "typical" Dale deck, which most people reading this will know how to build and play better than I do. So instead of describing it I will credit my sources that I researched when constructing it:

An excellent deck by Devaresh. His blog ( is a great resource as well.

Durin's Father's review of Dale and analysis of various scenarios was invaluable to me as well.

Dale Stephenson's analysis of the Dale archetype, plus his ruthless number crunching, was also highly valuable in the formation of this deck.

Finally, my mentor in the game, jaywana, for responding to hundreds of questions on Whatsapp.

Thanks for reading and happy questing!

Changelog 1.0 - Comments


Aug 15, 2019 Garethspur 9

What alternatives would you suggest for someone who doesn't want to play Steward of Gondor or Sneak Attack?

Aug 15, 2019 Saxtonine 16

@Garethspur- Steward of Gondor is probably overkill, Traffic from Dale is a great resource generator. As for Sneak Attack, I feel like the deck could use more item attachments. If I had Wild Stallion I'd include him x3 right away.