Tank Denethor

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Carder89 40

Relatively low threat threshold. This deck is made to manipulate the encounter deck and quest succesfully. It has problems with defeating enemies if that is required, though this deck can sometimes ignore engaged enemies. It takes a while to get running as well with all the attachments nessecary to beef up your heroes.

Put Steward of Gondor on Denethor (naturally) to help him with the expensive lore cards. Denethor is also a benefactor of Protector of Lórien and Self Preservation. Celebrían's Stone can be put on Théodred to make him a better questor. The first Unexpected Courage is for him as well, so he can help out with the fighting. Tank with Denethor and finish your enemies off with your allies/Théodred. Forest Snare can be used on larger enemies to completely ignore them and peck them at your leisure.