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Splice 171

This deck is all about taking all the threat gained by everyone during the game and reducing it to nothing. The engine relies on getting the pipes (mulligan for pipes/Bilbo!!) on all the hobbits, and love of tales for some resource acceleration. Then each turn you can play a threat reduction to draw 3 cards and once you get Song of EƤrendil out you can start taking everyones threat for them.

Merry is the ideal person to stack the extra songs on to get a big benefit from Fireside Song. Friend of Friends should go on Frodo and Merry. 2 of the fast hitches should go on Merry so you can Quest, use his ability, and then attack for 2 (from Friend of Friends bonus). Frodo gets the other fast hitch to be able to quest then block/attack.

You can take 2 attacks with Frodo blocking for 4 (friend of Friends + Arwen) and then 1 undefended and raise your threat with his ability. You can kill small enemies with Sam, Merry, and the Gaffer/Pippin if needed.

Ideally this deck is played with other than can help with the enemies with big defense since you can't muster a bunch of attack power in a single turn. This deck is also weak against quests that do a bunch of Archery or has treacheries that do damage across the board.

Overall I had low expectations when I first played this deck but then engine got rolling and it was an absolute blast! I was sucking up my entire 4p games threat from all card including doomed and would still end the game in secrecy.

Have a blast and let me know what you think!


Oct 06, 2019 McDog3 337

Are you posting decks while AT Con of the Rings??? ;)

Oct 06, 2019 Marcelf 595

Nice deck! Wouldn't Peace, and Thought be better than Master of the Forge here ?

Oct 06, 2019 Splice 171

@McDog3of course im posting while at the con! Someone wanted to be able to try it tomorrow after seeing it in action!

It's an interesting thought about Peace, and Thought but depending on the situation I think you need the fast hitches to make sure you can still quest/have defenders/use Merry's ability, etc. I'll try to test it today and report back on how well it works! Thanks for the suggestion!

Oct 07, 2019 KaiserWilly 121

IDK, this could be good, but these vaping hobbits didn't save us from the Nightmare Wargs of Eriador. They must have been attracted to the LEDs

Oct 07, 2019 PeaceAndThought 296

Peace and Thought is always better. ;-)

Oct 08, 2019 IstariKnight 17

Nice list, Splice! I think I'll have to wait until the Fellowship event to have 4 players to team up with, but I'm looking forward to leaning hard support.

Oct 08, 2019 The BGamerJoe 2104

I played Dale across from this list for a 4 player game of Nightmare Across the Ettenmoors. I only raised my threat by 3 points the entire game. AND these hobbits ended the game with 0 threat! It was kind of nuts.

Oct 08, 2019 Authraw 2793

I had a similar experience, played across the table from this deck a few times and after a few rounds you just... stop touching your threat dial. We could engage the high threat enemies at our leisure! Makes a really fun partner deck.

Oct 08, 2019 zsavk 1

Watching this deck in action is very calming. 10/10 would ride hobbit coat tails again.