Abandon madness for reason

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MadaoMadao 80

This is my Saruman deck. I tried out many variants, but sticked with silvan build, because it's the one with easiest access to threat reduction. After we assemble the pieces, we use The Elvenking in combination with Galadriel's Handmaiden every round, with Galadriel's ability we reduce 2 threat a round, usually enough for Saruman's shenaningans. Horns! Horns! Horns! also works well with the Silvan archetype. To assemble the pieces, we have Word of Command and Mirror of Galadriel, with usual Silver Harp setup. It's a blend of doomed archetype with silvan's, which in my experience, has already worked fine with GrĂ­ma before. After you have the staff, and elvenking with handmaiden, just proceed to play a doomed event a round, reduce your threat with your abilities and keep on building your silvan board state. Host of Galadhrim is kind of expensive, but it may fit in if you have a scenario that doesn't force you to rush.