Fairy entmother

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sappidus 586

The Grey Wanderer fetches an attachment of cost 1 and puts it into play. However, nothing stipulates that it has to enter play attached to that hero, or indeed under your control at all—refer to here for a relevant official ruling.

So, bring this to your next multiplayer game and give someone an attachment for free… Then sacrifice Treebeard before the quest phase so that you don't add a card during staging. Pack up your bags and go, feeling secure you've done your part to help the group win! (But have your friend fill out an IOU for that attachment you're leaving behind.)

Sideboard: Folco Boffin in the unlikely case someone in your group is using Treebeard as a hero.

(You might be able to play another attachment or two before you go, by the way.)


Feb 15, 2020 MadaoMadao 72

This is incredible. I would totally shrink the deck to about 40 attachments, justice shall be done and some draw cards.

Feb 15, 2020 Jtothemac 157

Why are you only carrying one The Day's Rising

Feb 15, 2020 sappidus 586

@Jtothemac: Misclick. ;)