A Family of Leaders

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Win - ALeP - The Gap of Rohan - 2 Players - 2022-01-02
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emorlecallor 1194

This is one of my most successful Gondor mono- builds. Denethor's release gave many decks the starting push they needed, including this one. You don't even need Steward of Gondor to get the deck going. It helps, but you don't NEED it. Between Denethor's resource boost and the low cost curve, you should be able to play half of the cards in your hand on turn one.

Denethor's two sons serve different roles in the deck. Boromir gives a global attack boost, which is often decisive in finishing off an enemy, while his brother can ready one of your army to chump block or attack.

Visionary Leadership is a really, really good card in this deck. Being able to establish an army quickly and then buff it is something only Dwarves and Gondor can do, and to be honest, Gondor gets set up far more quickly. Another defining aspect of Gondor is resource generation. Steward of Gondor is admittedly overused, but it's actually thematic in this deck and has amazing synergy with Boromir. However, without card draw, your engine will stall, so Rod of the Steward is included to rectify that problem. Errand-riders are included to transfer extra wealth to other players.

The only other wrinkle in the deck is the Warden of Healing. When playtesting the deck, I found it often needed healing, but all options for that were in Lore. So, I threw in two copies of the Warden, who can be played from hand via Herald of AnĂ³rien or from deck by A Very Good Tale.

Enjoy the deck! Please comment below on any improvements you might have for the deck, or your own version of this archetype. Thank you!


May 28, 2016 Vicaroth 60

I like this deck! Looks like a lot of fun.

May 28, 2016 emorlecallor 1194

Thanks! The deck is fun to me because I like the Gondor trait as a whole. I hope we will see some more development for it this cycle. Flight of the Stormcaller gave it a good bit and hopefully we'll get even more as the cycle continues.