Three Hobbit Treasure Hunters for Antlered Crown

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Loss - The Antlered Crown - 1 Player - 2020-02-28
Loss - The Antlered Crown - 1 Player - 2020-02-28
Loss - The Antlered Crown - 1 Player - 2020-02-28
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kattattack22 84

kattattack22 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Three Hobbit Treasure Hunters for Antlered Crown

This version seems to get the contract to flip around turn 3 most of the time. Unfortunately getting the heroes combat ready was tough. Really need to be careful questing once the contract flips. Version 6 does a better job of getting the Hobbits ready to take down the Raven Chief

This is a solo Hobbit Three Hunters deck modified for The Antlered Crown. Card draw has kept to a minimum as has the cost curve. Most attachments should able to be used right away with the contract's resource acceleration. This also should allow the contract to flip easier as can pile on a couple restricted attachments fairly easily. Protector of Lórien can be used to mitigate any encounter card effects that trigger off hand size.

Early on Sam will be the main one to load up with the combat attachments as he will be the primary attacker and defender. Especially Sting. Sting on Sam is awesome as it usually results in 2 direct damage per round from defending and attacking. After him, Bilbo should get the defensive ones and Pippin the offensive offensive ones. This should split the restricted attachments enough to flip the contract ASAP.

Usually everyone one of the heroes will quest and be counting on Sam's built in readying for defense or an early Fast Hitch. Be sure to spread out the Fast Hitches. This let's everyone quest and get them all ready for combat later. Try to engage and kill only one enemy a round. Bilbo's ability basically negates the threat of one enemy in the staging area and hopefully damages them. This mitigates rounds where multiple enemies are added to the staging area.

The guarded attachments should only be played when the staging area is relatively clear. One enemy or low threat location shouldn't be too bad if active location is empty or will be after questing for sure.

Willpower boosts should go on Bilbo as we'll want to quest with him all the time anyway.

Pippin unfortunately is mostly here for access to Lore, increasing engagement costs, and his card draw. If you can get him a couple weapons or a weapon and round shield to flip the contract the willpower boost is substantial.

Feint if possible should be saved for late game or Dunland Chieftain. Those are the two times you might have to engage 2 enemies. Cheif Turch is usually a good reserve defender for the lower attack Dunland enemies since he doesn't exhaust to defend. Especially the berserker since he'll likely attack more than once in a round.

This deck can easily get overwhelmed early so not the best for quests with lots surge or early onslaught of enemies. Ranger Spikes can be extremely useful in mitigating this risk.