Power Too Great to Overcome

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SwampFox4776 87

SwampFox4776 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Power Too Great to Overcome

I really wanted to make a good Lorfindel deck to go with my wife's Radagast Eagle swarm deck. She covers all the attacking needs with eagles and ranged etc. I take on the brunt of questing, control, and a little defense.

Mulligan for Mirror of Galadriel or Gather Information. Other cards needed early Light of Valinor, Nenya, Silver Harp, and Necklace of Girion.

Glorfindel gets, Asfaloth, Glamdring, Light of Valinor, Necklace of Girion for sure Galadriel gets Nenya and Mirror of Galadriel, Magic Ring, and Unexpected Courage Beregond gets Protector of Lórien and Self Preservation

Once you get Mirror out with Silver Harp you honestly have no trouble finding the cards you need.

I usually put Valiant Determination on Northern Tracker because then you get the progress but still can use their 2 attack and 2 defense stat.

One weakness can be paying for the cards but Magic Ring is doing it's best.

Having a partner deck that can kill enemies quickly is very nice, however, in theory, it could hold it's own once Glorfindel gets Glamdring and Elladan gets boosted by his brother. Haven't tried this deck solo, but I think it would be decent.


Apr 07, 2020 doomguard 1322

why ot of the wild( 1 time?) and risk some lights? both cards, that are expensive without secrecy and do not make so much at all olone and with your deckkombo. or wha do i miss? i think you can boost your deck if you take the 6 green utlands with you. they are cheap and because of the ethir, they quest very well, and gives you much hp against achery. so my modification for this deck where: out:

3 elwings flight (you cannot willingly dsicard them, pay for all its not worth it imo) 1 out of the wild, 2 risk some lights


3 anfalas herdsman 2 hunter of lamedon 1 asfaloth OR 3 Westfold Horse-breeder (asfaloth on glorfindel is one of the best cards in the game ;) )

Apr 07, 2020 SwampFox4776 87

I had those in there to help control the encounter deck a bit. I think they just stayed from an earlier version of the deck because I used them a few times to save our lives, but they do seem a little out of place with where the deck is now.

I like the idea of adding outlands! That will help out on the ally hitpoints and questing, those Ethir Swordsmen are very squishy.

Thanks for your thoughts.