Hobbits smoking and eating

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TheChad 4271

Hobbits, you could learn all there is to know about them in a month; and after 100 years they can still surprise you. -Gandalf

This deck is built to specifically go along with http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/11571

When Elevenses was released I made it a personal mission to make that card worth 1 resource. I believe this deck does just that. The goal of the deck is to get Hobbit Pony and Hobbit Pipe on your hobbits. When you quest with a hobbit riding a pony and carrying a pipe, you commit that hobbit to the quest. Then, after staging you stop for elevenses. After eating you smoke your pipe. Then, hop back on your pony. You lose no willpower but gain cards and reduce your threat. In a lot of situations you will over-quest. Some quests don't allow you to place progress on the quest, or you are just clearing a side-quest. In those cases a lot of willpower is 'wasted'. This is a perfect time to play Elevenses.

Most of this deck is very straight-forward. Play allies, stay in secrecy as long as you can. Use threat reduction events to trigger the pipes. Chump Bilbo Baggins if you draw the 2nd copy and need to find another pipe.

A couple of fellowship notes: Wandering Took is in this to give you more hobbits to trigger using Elevenses and for some trickery. The other deck has 2 pipes, if you can get a Took or 2 smoking a pipe you can use his ability to move him over to the other player when he want to play one of his Elrond's Counsels to get some card draw. It works like this: You have a Wandering Took with a pipe. The other player wants to play Elrond's Counsel that turn. You pass the Took, reducing your threat (no pipes trigger since it's not an event) he raises his. He plays EC (now his threat is back to where it was), exhausts the pipe to draw a card. Next turn he passes the Took back to you, lowers his threat, and you raise yours. Then you play some event that reduces your threat to draw cards with all your pipes. In the end, you both drew cards and your threat stayed the same. Another trick: Spare Hood and Cloak can go on a hobbit, after you ready a hobbit with Elevenses you sometimes have no use for it (Pippin for example). If he is wearing a hood you can use it to ready one of the characters in the other deck for some needed combat readiness. Other rounds that deck may be able to pass it back to your hobbit. For example, if you have readying on Beregond that went unused and he has a cloak, no reason to not send it back to Pippen.

In the end, you should be questing for 15-20, have a few big allies, and low threat.