The old tree's army

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Aorakis 484

Always loved the ents mechanics and treebeard hero as always been one of my favorite heroe alongside Beorn, Beregond, Eomer1 and the likes...

So once we saw this contract with our friends... We immediatly thought about : SOLO TREEBEARD !!!

This is the version 2, wich is still in progress.

Obviously you're looking to get Strider to be played out from the contract, as it will drasticaly helps the first turns by questing 4 wp (+ treebeard capacity)

Starting with a threat lvl of 13, it's also obvious that Resourceful is coming to the tree party !

The rest of the list is kind of simple...

Untaps (courage and magic ring)

Draw cards (Gleowine, daeron's, deep knowledge, entmood, heed the dream, gather information...)

Threat management (Woodmen's clearing) (Double Back might also works)

Healing (3 ioreth coz she's that good with treebeard hero), Self Preservations, Magic Ring, Wellinghall Preserver, and of course, the contract) (you can defenatly bring some warden of healing on multiplayer games aswell !)

Seeking the future is there with Firyal, and those Far-Sighted and hennamarth riversong wich are by far some of the best cards in the game ever ! Especially Far sighted with doom 1 for 5 cards ! Just Crazy CraaaAAZY GOOD !

The deck is a multitool fun to play and you defenatly make it your own by changing tons of stuff you might not like or not adjusting to your playstyle !

i'm still working on this list but i wanted to shared with you !

Happy Playing !

Cheers From Belgium !



May 27, 2020 Fantasty 1081

Fun concept! I'm not sure about the ratios for some cards. I'd probably bump Self Preservation to 3, since you could always stack multiple copies on Treebeard. Getting the full healing setup asap would be your first priority I assume. I'd also run 3 copies of Ent Draught since you have plenty of targets for it anyway.

Also, no Timely Aid? It's pretty much an auto-include in any The Grey Wanderer deck that includes a decent number of allies in my opinion :)

You could also run Leather Boots for additional (though conditional) readying for Treebeard.

May 27, 2020 Aorakis 484

@Fantasty thanks for the interrest.

Surely "Timely Aid" is a great addition, a friend plays it in his version, and he's pretty happy with it. So yeah, i might try it out.

First version was with 3 Ent Draught and 3 self preservation, but overall, the healing from the contract was good enough. So i would rather stick to 3 En Draught instead of 3 Self preservation. But on the first version, i did not even played the "Tactic Ents" and just run out with full healing stuff. and it works well enough.

About leather boots, i just prefer to keep the slot for any other cards. I even prefer the White Council (wich are in the sideboard) and were in the initial version, wich could be used as untap nor to draw a card.

Plenty of stuff that can enter and leave the deck so it's easy to make it's own version.

As i said, the deck is still on the benchmark and in period of test !

This might no be able to do all the quest in the game, but still is a really funny one to play