Dunedain of Arnor

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The Heirs of Numenor
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Razumikhin 39

The rangers of the North, the Dunedain, heirs to a forgotten, but not defeated kingdom...

This deck functions as part of a fellowship with a trap based Rangers of Gondor deck. That deck helps weaken enemies with traps so that the Dunedain can keep them engaged as long as they need to.

From there, this deck plays fairly straightforwardly. You are trying to generate resources and reduce costs for your powerful Dunedain allies. With a few key defenders like Eldahir and Guardian of Arnor (on top of Aragorn with A Burning Brand), you can handle a bunch of enemies engaged with you for quite some time.

With the Dunedain running circles around those enemies, the rest of the deck is designed with some location control and a lot of questing power.