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Seastan Breaks the Game Into 1000 Itty-Bitty Pieces
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Sfrug 231

This deck is a support deck which is meant to cover the auxiliary functions: threat control, location control, treachery cancellation, shadow cancellation, as well as passing around some card draw, and providing sidequests for quests which benefit from having them.

The cards in the sidebar are for two things:

  1. Different decks as the main decks. As published, this is designed to go with the fellowship Seastan Breaks the Game Into 1000 Itty-Bitty Pieces, which has plenty of healing in the Turn 2 Gloin Machine. But if you're using different decks, you might want your support deck to do healing, so swap in the healers. Or, if you aren't using Beravor in Machine Gun Eladan, swap her into this deck instead of Bilbo.

  2. Lots of quests work best with sidequests; others, however, work badly with them. In the latter sort of quest, take out the six sidequests and put in Nenya and Unexpected Courage, and then this deck can add a bit to questing. Other options to be swapped in for non-sidequest friendly quests are Gildor's Counsel, Imladris Stargazer, and Ghân-buri-Ghân.