Trained for War

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Sam wins Against the Shadow
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banania 789

Played as part of a 2-player Fellowship.

This is a very straightforward deck.

As part of the aforementioned Fellowship, you have interesting decisions to make with the limit on Hama. In some Against the Shadow quests, having a Trained for War in your opening hand (and being able to recycle it) until your partner can slap Visionary Leadership can be a saver.

Wait no Longer is also a good call, especially:

  • In the Steward's Fear, to grab an enemy instead of one (of the numerous) location
  • In the Druadan Forest, to grab one of those tiny Wose (or any Wose actually, it's not like you have difficulties to kill enemies) without even triggering the Prowl keyword
  • In Assault on Osgiliath to get an enemy in the later turns rather than risking revealing more Osgiliath locations when you're on the verge to win
  • In the Siege of Cair Andros, if you can bring the surging besieger (with only 1 ), thus avoiding the When revealed and surge effect!

It's then way easier to plan ad micro-manage the questing.