Ents to Isengard!

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orcstalker 11

I posted this one as there were no decks using these three heroes. It was built to take on the Road to Isengard quest in the saga Treason of Saruman box using a reasonably thematic deck consistent with the book. It is primarily ents with Merry since he was also present when the ents took Isengard. I thought of using Pippin and he could be splashed in, but he didn't seem to offer much compared to the attack of the ents. Unexpected Courage is great on Merry, as he can quest and then ready to use his threat reduction as there are plenty of enemies revealed. It's also good to get Sword-thain on one of the unique ents as soon as possible to pump up resources. There is quite a bit of archery in this quest, but most of it is only one damage, and Wellinghall Preserver can mitigate that; however, leave a damage on your ent allies to boost the attack of the Booming Ent allies and the willpower of Leaflock. I had a lot of fun with this one as the ents get remarkably powerful once they have accumulated that single damage on 6-8 of them. I had Gandalf in, as the ents surely had some inspiration from him, but only used him once due to the threat cost of keeping him in play. The defense boost on Derndingle Warrior is also very useful, as the one damage that he takes can be cleared at round's end by Wellinghall Preserver. This deck beat the quest first time out, and it felt good to win Isengard with a group much like that of the book.


Sep 14, 2020 Alonewolf87 652

I would suggest The Dam Bursts too, since you satisfy the conditions from the start.

Sep 15, 2020 orcstalker 11

Great idea, and thanks for the tip! That would certainly keep with the narrative. Would probably drop Leaflock to two and toss a Feint to get a couple copies in.