Joe's Rulers of Gondor Deck

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Blood of Gondor - Oof
The Blood of Gondor - 2 Players - 2020-10-14
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chatsash 3

Thematically, this is a deck which makes use of the main leaders of Minas Tirith in the 3rd age. Makes standard use of Steward of Gondor, but surprisingly powerful even when it isn't drawn. Combination of Sneak Attack and Gandalf is very versatile. The 3 copies of Citadel Custodian make the deck better in multiplayer where another player is also running at least one Gondor hero. The only thing to really mulligan for is Sneak Gandalf, or Steward of Gondor. A Very Good Tale is also a lovely thing to start with, especially if you have a Citadel Custodian in hand.

Currently running this alongside a Caldara deck.