The Ents

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Nov 27, 2020 AJ_800 278

I like it. Outmatched is an interesting choice, is that in the deck so that you can use Treebeard's high to defend, and then ready him so that his ability to attack is not wasted each turn?

What is the prupose of Strider? Is this to get a push in the early game before you bring other Allies in? (MotK) Ioreth counts as a Hero, so Strider's first ability would not trigger.

Last point, you need at least one copy of Ioreth in your deck to search for with Messenger of the King during setup. If you decide to only have one copy, you'll also need a plan for which other unique Ally to use as a Hero in case you end up with Ioreth in your post-mulligan starting hand.

Nov 27, 2020 JOTF2006 60

Strider is there for the very early game, which is why I have three of them. It is also saved for if Ioreth dies to a treachery. Outmatched is for Treebeard to attack, and my second choice for MOTK is probably Leaflock or Firyal.