Gondor and Rohan Alliance

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Taskonidis 13

The Deck is made to cope with the "Battle"/"Siege" keyword on quest card (Heirs of Numenor). Limited cardpool:

  • 1 CORE

    • THfG
    • TDM
    • RtM
  • HoN

    • SF
  • VOI

After a little tests minor changes were made. The main strategy is, to use the spirit sphere to keep the threat cost low. Also to combine Steward of Gondor with Blood of Númenor or even Celebrían's Stone If lucky enough. To attach as much as possible Dúnedain Mark to Dunhere and availability to manage "when Revealed" and "shadows" cards using the Spirit sphere. If possible, to use Gandalf for card Drawing altogether with Valiant Sacrifice.