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nelloianiro 200

Engage Enemies.


Jan 10, 2021 Emmental 105

You have 11 cards, and you lack a one. Also Hope Rekindled can only be in ×2 because of the contract.

Interesting (and brave) choices... Fall of Gil-Galad and Smoke Rings, but no Test of Will ?

Jan 11, 2021 Uruk-guy 86

I'm not a Dunedain expert by any means so I'm no help in the overall archetype synergy. But, something you could consider would be Gather Information and bring out another side quest. Assuming one of the goals is to make Thalion a hero as quick as possible that is.

Jan 11, 2021 Imrahil13 106

Neat and thematic use of Bonds of Friendship (BoF).

In my opinion, the two best Side Quests in the game are Gather Information and Double Back, both of which could be quite useful here. Also, I think that The Storm Comes is very useful in a BoF deck with expensive allies, as it makes paying for them much easier. These all also have the perk of being free... so they don't slow down early production at all. Scout Ahead is another free sidequest with a potent effect, and could help gain Thalion lore.

With so many sidequests, Legacy Blade could be a valuable addition, as they'd help Aragorn clear enemies.

The Red Arrow is going to be tricky, because it can only go on a Gondor Hero and the only route you have for that is Steward of Gondor, of which you only have a single copy.