Thematic "Black Gate Opens" - Nations of Men with an Elf

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Thematic Saga - "Black Gate Opens"
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Tubarush 262

This is one of the 2 decks for "The Black Gate Opens" in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders.) In each of my first 2 games with this final decklist, I got to 8 resources (my goal) with both Wraiths on Wings killed --- playing Easy Mode with the Fellowship.

This is the Battle Deck for this fellowship.

The most important card to mulligan for is Gondorian Shield. With this attached, Beregond can defend against almost anything, with Raven-winged Helm and Honour Guard cancelling most of the damage that does get thru. Once he receives an Armored Destrier and Unexpected Courage from the other deck, he can defend 3 attacks and pre-emptively cancel one of the shadow effects each round.

Manage your resources carefully, so that you can use Thicket of Spears repeatedly in later rounds.


Feb 18, 2021 doomguard 560

if you add Book of Eldacar there is more use of Thicket of Spears or a feint if not this much enemys are there.

consider Horn of Gondor (specially if u want to play much thickets) before the black gate there will be enough dying ;) (from this or the other deck)