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Aurion 650

Yet another The Grey Wanderer deck, this time using Haldir of Lórien as our hero to pick off enemies within the staging area before they engage us.


We need to attach Strider to Haldir, so that he can quest for 4 and remain ready to use his ability in the combat phase. We then attach The One Ring to him and add Strength and Courage to our starting hand.

Opening Hand

Ideally, we could do with finding Song of Battle as quickly as possible in order to be able to play our unique cards and events outside of the planning phase, so if we are not lucky enough to draw our only copy in our starting hand, we are looking for a Rivendell Minstrel to be able to dig it out of the deck. Failing that, a Master of the Forge can help us dig for it, though it will likely take a lot longer, but he will also help to get all our other attachments on Haldir.


Basically, it's just a case of using Haldir to pick off enemies in the staging area and using Arod and Asfaloth to clear any locations that start to stack up, whilst the Lórien Guides clear the active location.


Sep 13, 2021 TheChad 6937

Wish it was possible to give more than 1 like on a deck....

Sep 13, 2021 Aurion 650

@TheChad Thanks. I really enjoy this one. Managed to beat Peril in Pelargir with it, which I have found almost impossible with other Grey Wanderer decks

Sep 14, 2021 babaarno 5

This looks like so much fun, though I'm not this far into the cardpool yet. But I love Haldir as a hero. @TheChad When I saw this deck I just assumed you were the one that made it, lol

Sep 16, 2021 Tacet 1

This is great fun! Just successfully ran through Peril in Pelargir too - something wonderful about imagining this elf ducking and weaving whilst sniping away at pursuing ne'er-do-wells...