Single Core Series: Intruders in Chetwood

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TheChad 6937

This is the deck I used to defeat Intruders in Chetwood for my single core series.

The video can be found here:

This is a great deck to use against any quest that needs you to clear out big enemies. Your starting threat is high, but that is okay. Your heroes are powerful enough to handle turn 1 attacks.

The basic first turn strategy is: quest with Frodo Baggins and Gandalf, engage the enemy and take it undefended. If you are able to, apply the damage to Gimli, boosting his attack. If you can't take it as damage, take it as threat. Use a powered up Gimli to kill the enemy.

Imladris Stargazer and Zigil Miner are your resource acceleration and also let you get maximum benefits from Well-Equipped and Hidden Cache.

Happy Questing!


Sep 14, 2021 ahez20 31

Hey @TheChad, thanks for doing your series! I have really enjoyed watching the videos. One quick rules clarification question. In your video you played Wizard Pipe with Gimli in the first round in order to get the pipe on Gandalf, but wouldn’t that have prevented you from using Gandalf’s ability again during the planning phase to put in Imladris Stargazer since Gandalf’s ability says limit once per phase?