The Birds and the Trees

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Zbeckert 43

insane power behind the birds and the trees alliance! The eagles are coming!, is essentially a draw 5 cards if you exhaust the contact since all but 1 cars in the deck is either Ent or Eagle. and even without treebeard can still play lore ents by exhausting Contract and using fauniths ability. can get a ton of incredibly strong allies out incredibly quickly. Puts vilya decks to shame!


May 14, 2022 Alonewolf87 1888

Note that Faunith's ability doesn't allow you to "put into play" an ally, you "play it" which means that you still have to pay the resource cost and respect resource match. It's basically a way to play allies outside of the planning phase, but all the usual restrictions still apply (unless what happens with say Thranduil)

May 14, 2022 kjeld 562

Yes, it's a fun deck but as @Alonewolf87 points out, Faunith doesn't let you play allies for free. Nonetheless, the combination of Alagos' ability plus wise use of the contract should get you an effective 2-cost discount on your allies. What would REALLY help is a more consistent way to get Treebeard into your hand, but with this hero lineup I don't see an immediately obvious way to do that.

May 14, 2022 kjeld 562

You could add Send for Aid, but it's not amazing, and A Very Good Tale doesn't work well with Ents.

May 14, 2022 FattyBolger 203

Love the deck name! Have you considered Treebeard as hero instead of Quickbeam? Even though it would slow down the tempo for playing Tactics allies, it would allow you to add 3x Entmoot, to play Lore cards right away, and to have a reliable defender round 1. Wandering Ent might be a good ally to add--effectively free. Anyway, looks fun to play.

May 14, 2022 Zbeckert 43

Yeah, that’s good thought. I would probably want to add a little more healing for hero treebeard and obviously I would lose him as an ally but I’m sure it could still make a strong deck!