Single Core Series: Fire in the night

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TheChad 8811

This is a great time for this deck/video to release.

This is a Dunadan deck that has the potential to unlock the power of the Vigilant Dúnadan! Fire in the Night is a GREAT quest for this ally because the enemies are not too terrible and you will have a side quest in the victory display. Simultaneously power him up with Wild Stallion, Arwen Undómiel, and Narya. You will have access to all four sphere thanks to Amarthiúl, you will be drawing cards like crazy due to Círdan the Shipwright and Damrod. This deck is a blast to play against this quest. Happy questing!


Jul 04, 2022 ahez20 41

What a great deck for this quest! Vigilant Dúnadan did work. Enjoy watching the series, thanks for all the effort making it.

Jul 04, 2022 TheChad 8811

Thank you @ahez20! Glad you are enjoying it!

Jul 04, 2022 Moby 1

Just want to say as a new player to the game, your videos have been a huge help and I enjoy watching them. I initially passed over Vigilant Dunadan thinking he was too expensive but this deck really showed what he can do!

Jul 05, 2022 TheChad 8811

Thank you @Moby! Yes it takes some work to get it all online but once it's up and running it's pretty crazy.

Jul 05, 2022 StewofGondor1 27

I still don't understand how you got the tactics card in play

Jul 05, 2022 StewofGondor1 27

oh nvm

Aug 04, 2022 castellet 1

Have you thought about using Tale of Tinúviel to boost Vigilant Dúnadan even more?