Smoke Yourself Thin

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NoSoup4you 832

NoSoup4you has a newer deck inspired by this one: Smoke Yourself Thin

Get that slim deck you've always dreamed of by smoking your way to victory! Smoking makes you cool, and so does using this deck!

Revamped after playing with the previous version a bit. Damn, I underestimated the power of Hobbit Pipe. I drew through my whole deck and reduced my threat to zero, and then I actually couldn't play any cards because Wizard Pipe had nothing to swap them with. So I just went ahead and won. This time I've included a copy of Will of the West, so the fun never stops.

The cards you want to see early are Steward of Gondor (put it on Gandalf,) Gandalf's Staff/Expert Treasure Hunter for early draw, and any pipes or Bilbos you can get your hands on. Your goal is to get four pipes out as quickly as possible and start blowing Smoke Rings for -4 threat and 3 cards per use. If you have to get Bilbo killed so you can grab another pipe, go for it. Once you're set up, your planning phase will look something like this:

  • Smoke Rings (-4 threat, +3 cards, questing bonus)
  • Galadhrim Weaver (shuffle Smoke Rings back in)


  • Island Amid Perils (return Galadhrim Weaver to hand, -1 threat, +3 cards)
  • And so forth.

You can substitute Galadhrim's Greeting as well, if you have the cash on hand. Feel free to start smoking at 3 pipes, since with Weaver + Island you'll find a ton of Smoke Rings... Not to mention Will of the West if you really want to abuse it. While this is going on, you can build Gandalf into a monster with 3+ readies per turn, while his staff gives Frodo extra money for cigarettes. Sam will get free readying as well once your threat dips. Also included are some Ents, solid combatants and thematically relevant to boot.

But don't just take it from me - read this testimonial from RingsDB user SirConradicus!

I used to be a fat, sad, sack of shit. Then I tried Smoke Yourself Thin, and noticed improvements almost instantly! I went from 29 threat down to 0 in only two turns, and I owe it all to the Smoke Yourself Thin deck!

Wow, there you have it folks. Try Smoke Yourself Thin today!


Sep 29, 2016 Gerrymander 136

I see that Arwen was removed in the new version. Thematically, I'd say that makes sense as she's definitely way too preppy to be a smoker.

Sep 29, 2016 NoSoup4you 832

I'm thinking of removing Steward of Gondor too, cause it's just sorta boring and the hidden cache trick might be enough.

Sep 30, 2016 Estel Edain 271

I love seeing a powerful pipe deck. One clarification: if you play Smoke Rings during the planning phase, so that you can shuffle it back with Galadhrim Weaver, you won't benefit from the willpower boost of Smoke Rings ("until the end of the phase"). If you don't need Wizard Pipe for something else, though, you could play Smoke Rings during the Quest phase and then use Gandalf to play Galadhrim Weaver.

Oct 01, 2016 NoSoup4you 832

Ah, right. You can also just wait till the next planning phase.

Feb 19, 2019 kosoluk 2

I'm thinking of adding fast hitch (